New blog

This my nth attempt of keeping a personal blog.

The chronological sorting of blogs bothers me. It makes sense for posts that are time-sensitive (for instance, if I'm writing about something that is happening on the Linux Kernel Mailing List right now), but not when I'm writing about well established concepts (e.g. high-order functions).

For this later type of posts, I believe the wiki format works better. The issue with wikis – with most of them, at least – is that they're usually hard to navigate.

This is how I came to the concept of a digital garden and this particular implementation using Jekyll Garden. This way, I can have the best of both worlds. Under Notes, I have the long lived posts that will be kept up to date and that will not lose their value as they get older. And, in Posts, I have my blog posts, texts that made sense at a specific point in time but that might be out of date now.